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your personal functional health and wellness advocate 

Kayla Osterhoff, MPH, PhDc



Co-founder of the Womens Biohacking Collective, host of the BioCurious podcast, heath scientist, researcher, professional biohacker, nationally ranked athlete, and Doctoral student of integrative mind-body medicine - Kayla has dedicated her life to sharing useful knowledge, empowering people to take responsibility and control of their health, wellness and life.  She employs a holistic approach across the spectrum of mind-body medicine, biohacking, naturopathy, neuroscience, and functional nutrition to harness their innate power and reach their full potential! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


From childhood to early adulthood, Kayla witnessed the true cost and devastation of mental illness and addiction. This was the catalyst for her career in the health sciences. She was determined to learn about the human body and understand why some people suffer illness and disease, while others don't.


During her studies, she realized that illness and disease (including depression and addiction) are not inevitable, and in fact, can be prevented and cured with lifestyle medicine.


Through undergrad, Kayla worked in physical therapy, gaining an appreciation for exercise science and movement modalities, which served as the basis for her health athletic accomplishments. She went on to study behavioral science and public health policy in graduate school and now works as health scientist in global public health at CDC while studying for her PhD in mind-body medicine and integrative functional nutrition.


Her unique background and expertise across the spectrum of health science has lead her to develop truly holistic and high impact programs to lead individuals and groups to better health, higher performance, and resilience of the mind and body.


Kayla is the Co-Founder and President of the WB Collective - the first and only magazine-style co-op for women-centered holistic biohacking content.


Dedicated to bringing high quality evidence-based health information to women, Kayla co-created the WB Collective to bring like-minded women together to learn, share and elevate each-other.

From biohacking your mind, body, spirituality, and relationships, to revolutionizing how women impact and lead our local and global communities, The WB Collective is the best source for leveling-up your life by leaning into your divine feminine power!


Kayla created the BioCurious podcast as a platform for interesting conversation and knowledge-sharing across the fields of biohacking, functional health, holistic wellness and integrative mind-body medicine.

The podcast is a place for people to be curious about their biology, learn about health science, explore evidence-based biohacks, and discover new holistic health practices to help them elevate and optimize their life!

Each week, Kayla interviews top health experts - from scientists, to natural healers, to doctors and best-selling authors - who share their knowledge and best practices for optimal health, wellness and performance.

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