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I'm Kayla Osterhoff and I'm a health scientist, professional athlete, entrepreneur, and global leader in integrative mind-body medicine and functional health and wellness.

Formally educated and trained in the health sciences, I'm a health scientist by trade, and a nerdy-biohacking-fitness-foodie freak by passion!

My passion and curiosity about health and wellness, combined with my obsession to be the strongest, fastest, best... at everything I do, lead me to spend years researching human physiology, testing ways to optimize human performance, and building expertise and a unique skill set in biohacking, nutrition, neuroscience, and fitness.​

Drawing from formal education, health practice, extensive research, and personal trial and error, I've learned how to optimize and upgrade my life, which I'd love to share with you!

Let's be curious together!

  • Bachelor of Science in Health Ecology

  • Master of Science in Public Health

  • Doctoral Candidate - PhD Mind Body Medicine

Cracked Earth

internal and external 


Change your environment both internally and externally to support and upgrade your biology, health and well being.

DNA Strand

take control


When you understand  essential biological processes that impact health and wellness, you can take control of them and create the outcomes you desire.

connectivity within you


Three parts of your being  that are connected and interact  to create your experience. You have to consider all three to upgrade your life

Explore your possibilities. 

Reach beyond your limitations.

Think outside the box.


Try new things.

Change your behavior.

Change your environment.

Change your life.

You might be surprised at what you'll discover!




Don't waste any more time with things that don't work. Stop trying the same diets and the same workouts that fail you time and time again.

It's time to think long term to change your lifestyle in a sustainable way. 

This means looking across the spectrum of health - mind, body and spirit - to prioritize specific interventions that will have the biggest impact on your health and wellness. 

Optimize your eating to fuel your mind and body.

Optimize your movement to create the changes you want physically and mentally. 

Optimize your thinking and practice mindfulness to upgrade your mind and tap into your spiritual power.

Optimize your efforts to upgrade your life for faster and more impactful outcomes!

food 3_edited.jpg

Never Diet Again


Eat for purpose, eat for life!

Functional nutrition is all about  a healthy eating lifestyle that is  satisfying and sustainable.

Running Shoes

Beyond Fitness


Exercise has benefits beyond physical fitness. Movement is a powerful tool for optimizing the mind, body and spirit.

Create a Healthy Mind


Change the environment in your mind by getting quiet, reflecting, changing your thought patterns and practicing mindfulness.